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How to Identify and Tell Your Story in Job Interviews to Stand Out & Get Hired!

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Interview Prep mock interviews help job seekers perfect their pitch with context, emotion, and relevancy needed to excel at job interviews.

For Organizations & Universities

Interview Prep uses mock interviews to help your job candidates practice the essential soft skills that employers need most to achieve their goals. Developing these skills gives your job candidates the confidence to persuasively tell their story and land their dream job.

Interview Prep allows you to create personalized mock interviews using a database of thousands of pre-recorded questions.


Choose from a database of thousands of questions or record custom questions to create personalized mock interviews. Professors and career centers can then assign specific interviews to students as part of their normal coursework.

Focus on Coaching

Since students’ mock interviews are recorded, professors and career advisers can focus on coaching nonverbal cues and polishing their answers. Interview prep also allows students to conduct self-assessments on their interviews and gives them the ability to request feedback from mentors and coaches.

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